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We are Certifed Pool Operators and Certifed Pool Inspectors. We are also proud members of the SPSPA and have completed advanced chemical training courses from Rudy Stankowitz from Aquatic training facility and consultants.


North Cape Pool Cleaning is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing reliable and professional pool cleaning services. We understand the importance of safe pool swimming and strive to ensure that your pool is always clean and well-maintained. We will take care of all your pool cleaning needs so you can enjoy your pool without any worries.


What we do

We provide a world-class pool cleaning and chemical service to our clients in North Cape Coral Florida.



Our Mission

At NORTH CAPE POOL CLEANING, our mission is to redefine the standard of pool care, one satisfied customer at a time. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, unmatched expertise, and innovative solutions to ensure that every pool we touch becomes a source of joy and relaxation for our clients. With a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and environmental responsibility, we strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our work. Our mission is simple: to make your pool ownership experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible, leaving you free to dive into life’s pleasures without a worry in sight.

Why us


Faimly Owned


Competitive Pricing

We will make sure you are always satisfied with your pool service care.


What Clients Think About Us

  • David is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable people when it comes to pool care and chemistry. This is not your typical splash and dash pool service, he uses… read more

    Michael Alessi Avatar Michael Alessi

    The best pool company we have had. Very kind people always on time amazing attention to detail. Would recommend to anyone with a pool in Cape Coral. Couldn’t have asked… read more

    Paige Veugeler Avatar Paige Veugeler

    Dave is awesome. He is very thorough and spends time cleaning the pool and making sure the water is perfect. They even send a detailed email after every cleaning… read more

    Keri Mason Avatar Keri Mason
  • Professional and truly cares about doing right by you—can’t go wrong.

    Matthew Rhoades Avatar Matthew Rhoades

    How lucky to finally have someone who really knows what to do while finding out our pool was in an awful mess and the chems were not working! Thank you… read more

    Marj Middleton Avatar Marj Middleton

    I highly recommend David as your pool tech. This is no splash and dash pool service. He takes his time in making sure your pool is healthy . He… read more

    Edgard Bocio Avatar Edgard Bocio
  • Dave is so knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining pool water. His deep knowledge about chemistry and the impact of the overall weather on a pool make him a go… read more

    Matt Ward Avatar Matt Ward

    We appreciate the hard work, professionalism, and knowledge that David brings. He has kept our pool sparkling for a long time now, and is a pleasure to work with. I… read more

    Adam Shipley Avatar Adam Shipley

    We have been through 4 different companies in the past 2 years looking for a good company and finally have found it! David does a excellent job, communication is key… read more

    Shaun Powell Avatar Shaun Powell
  • Dave is a true professional. He has been caring for our pool for some time now. He has it always sparkling. He is so knowledgeable plus very personable. He… read more

    Debbie Wheeler Avatar Debbie Wheeler

    I was in search of a great pool service company and had spoken to several pool guys, but none compared to North Cape Pool Cleaning LLC. Dave Moore, the owner… read more

    Esther Alessi Avatar Esther Alessi

    The experience with Mr. Moore’s pool cleaning service is truly world class!! Has extensive knowledge regarding a pool and the dynamics behind the whole system of which he applies… read more

    Norma Bohorquez Avatar Norma Bohorquez
  • I am someone who doesn’t like to post reviews about businesses (I am not a social media person), but sometimes I think it’s extremely important that I do so because… read more

    TeamZeebo Fanntchou Avatar TeamZeebo Fanntchou

    I needed my pool fixed ASAP, and David Moore came through without hesitation. Though it wasn’t an emergency per se, his prompt response was incredibly appreciated. David’s knowledge and willingness… read more

    Lorraine Gomez Avatar Lorraine Gomez

    We had to let our other service go due to poor communication and poor accounting methods. Simply horrible and dishonest. NORTH CAPE POOL however… DAVID here has been fantastic… read more

    BlueEyedDJ . Com - Larry Osterman Avatar BlueEyedDJ . Com – Larry Osterman
  • Best Pool Cleaning company in the cape hands down. Does not rush services takes their time. Our pool has never been better. David is a Great guy and very professional.

    Jonathan Cezar Avatar Jonathan Cezar

    We had a terrible experience with a previous pool company. Our pool was turning green with gross gunk on the bottom. David came out and started working on it right… read more

    crystal caley Avatar crystal caley

    Our pool was green and we tried EVERYTHING to make it clear with products and test strips and even many costly trips to the pool store. We reached out to… read more

    Cathleen Cezar Avatar Cathleen Cezar
  • I have been using North Cape Pool with Dave and he is absolutely wonderful. My pool was as green as the grass and I could not keep up. Dave came… read more

    Sondra Budde Avatar Sondra Budde

    North cape pool cleaning for the win!!!

    Anthony Boswell Avatar Anthony Boswell

    I just want to let you know that we are very pleased with the pool maintenance. It’s always clean and crystal clear, and never burns the eyes. Superb… read more

    Edgewater IT, LLC Avatar Edgewater IT, LLC
  • Dave is a member of my professional service group and I can vouch for his integrity. He is always available to answer questions for the group members and contributes solid… read more

    David Van Brunt Avatar David Van Brunt
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